February 2012

The Art of the Book Proposal

If you're in the process of writing a nonfiction book, you know how crucial it can be to develop a really stellar book proposal. Even if you're writing the book at the same time you're shopping the proposal around, you can get valuable feedback on the process from even some of the rejections you might get. Additionally, putting together the right kind of book proposal, using the right method should help clarify your thinking about what you book is about, and more even more importantly what your book does not need to cover.

Get Known Before The Book Deal

Great advice, getting old quickly

Maybe I should have known better than to buy a used (meaning older) copy of a book like Get Known Before The Book Deal, but I didn't. So when my bargain book came in the mail, I open it up in great anticipation and found...very old information. This is despite the fact that the book was published in 2008; the constantly changing nature of the internet and social media means any book that relies heavily on the specifics of any particular use of social media and how we interact with it will be out of date before it even hits the shelves.