August 2010

Natalia O'Sullivan, "Do It Yourself Psychic Power"

Straight up, y'all, I was really disappointed by this book.  It was lying on a cart at the library at the end of an aisle, as if it was calling to me!  One glance at the title and I was hooked.  Who wouldn't want to… um… do it yourself psychic power?

Nonsensical title aside, the cover promises "practical tools and techniques for awakening your natural gifts."  From this I expected, you know.  Practical tools and techniques.

Instead, O'Sullivan spends fully half of the book explaining preparations you should take.  Meditation, opening chakras - basically, an awful lot of "sitting quietly and thinking about things."  I imagine that if you really did follow all of the rituals and proscribed meditations, you could easily spend every day fully booked with that kind of thing.